Quays News is a portal for which Salford University students can channel their inner TV production persona and practice their skills ready for the big wide world of media. It is an entirely student led news programme that airs every Tuesday afternoon, featuring news stories from the local area of Salford and Greater Manchester. Students at the University are encouraged to have a whack at creating entire news packages from scratch to feature as content on the show. They are also given the opportunity to try their hand as producers, camera operators and presenters.

Every week, Quays News displays a plethora of talented individuals’ works who particularly want to make a career in the world of journalism and beyond. It is a fantastic platform for students to practice and develop skills in an industry standard setting.

Students working on Quays News. Usage rights granted by Emily Murray- Quays intern

Furthermore, after every show has aired- jam packed with news stories, film or gig reviews, weather and sports reports and more- students are offered critique from personnel from within the industry, just as a an official news broadcasting programme would operate. UOS students really are offered the full package!

Its a really good chance for everyone to get their hands on all the different roles before deciding what they like and what they don’t like- Robin Parker, 2nd Year TV and Radio student

Just last week, Quays News was celebrating their 5th birthday! Students put together a 50 minute birthday special, where the presenters wore birthday party attire and took a look back at Quays’ origins and best bits.


Quays’ story began in 2011, co-founded by Neil Salmon and Sarah Jones. Their vision was to create a news programme that students could fully engage with and look upon as their own little outlet to hone their talents and practice their skills. Since then, Quays has done some incredible things, not only for its students but is also now recognised within the industry as a legitimate news outlet within Salford.

I’ve learnt so much. I don’t think I would have got some of the work experience I have unless for Quays- Kate Foy, 3rd year TV and Radio student

Throughout its 5 years, Quays has participated in some pretty remarkable events including, a 12 hour long broadcast that raised over £300 for the Children in Need charity. Within this lengthy episode, students hosted a Quays Come Dine with Me special, sports features and much more.

Quays are also all about getting involved with and covering world events as they happen. Students will go away and create broadcast-worthy feature specials and packages based on such events. Some of these have included the Olympic special, the Space special -where in which a real life American astronaut Dr Don Thomas was in the studio for an interview- as well as seasonal specials for those special times of year.

As you may comprehend, Quays News is an extremely valuable tool for the students of the University of Salford. It offers an environment that is both professional and encouraging and is the perfect way for UOS students to make mistakes but never falter.

A very happy 5th birthday to Quays News!