Residents of the deprived area of Landsmere in Stowshire have put together a 6-year fundraiser in order to raise money to build a spanking new park that hopes to renovate the area.

Landsmere is renowned for being riddled with vandals, houses that haven’t seen a lick of paint or renovation since the 1950’s and has an avid reputation for anti-social behavior but the new park and community area hopes to introduce a new lease of life.

Plans for the new park and communal facility went underway lastgarden-823396_960_720 week and will cost approx £50,00 to complete. The park will consist of a brand new play equipment, a sandpit and skateboarding and scooter area. Local authorities such as the Bradfield Council and Community Chest have so far donated £25,000 between them so the remaining funds are yet to be gathered by the community.