MediaCity UK prepares for an £2 billion expansion that will renovate, excite and will introduce a new wave of clientele.

MediaCity has often been described as a [buzzing] hub for all things media, shopping and culture. And the ‘Phase 2’ renovation promises to expand these themes with brands such as Harvey Nichols, Sky News, Buzz Feed and Selfridges in the line up. So far, MediaCity has pumped a whopping £277 million into the local community with hopes to nearly double these figures with 10 new buildings.

”North-West as a whole has benefited hugely from the investment made here at MediaCity”

C1837 Flight 38
C1837 Flight 38

Spokesman Alistair Houghton held a press conference this morning giving more depth to the plans of Phase 2. He ensures the plans will deliver the ”perfect balance of business, leisure, retail and residential usage” with 9 new plots to be developed that will be completed in separate phases.

”perfect balance of business, leisure, retail and residential usage”

Plans for the build will be reviewed in February of next year and if approved, building will commence later in the year and will continue  to be developed until 2025.  During the build, 500 construction jobs will be generated across the 9 plots as their are plans for 10 extra buildings.

The plans hope to introduce a huge 25,00 new jobs to the area and a 3,000 space car park to accompany the rise in visitors and employees. There will be office facilities built and will be occupied by such conglomerate companies as Sky News, The Financial Times and Buzz Feed. Not only are there new spaces for the media, but also for the fashionistas. Companies such as Selfidges and Harvey Nichols are interested in occupying some of the plots to introduce a new clientele.




”Phase 2 will allow us to expand and continue successes”

Not only will the new expansion add to the cultural diversity of the place it will also introduce more greenery to the area, benefiting the local wildlife and creating a more appealing view for visitors. Plans for the renovation are hoping to attract new people to the area for tourism as well as attracting more businesses to the area to create more employment in the North West.




Original press conference with Alistar Houghton- Shannon Harrison
Original press conference with Alistar Houghton- Shannon Harrison