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Ah, Game of Thrones. Probably one of the world’s most talked about and biggest TV series of the past few years. So now, as were coming to the end of this year, it just feels right to have a discussion about 2016’s helping of the epic fantasy prophecy. Whether you’re a raging Lannister or Stark fan girl, or you’ve never heard of Game of Thrones before (if so, how?!), by the end of this article you will have an insider knowledge into season 6’s shenanigans and all their epic glory.

Game of Thrones is renowned for having some of the most biting- and a majority of the time soul crushing- story lines ever written. Like for example: the heart wrenching execution of Ned Stark in season 1, to the fall of the little s*** King Geoffrey, to the seeded on-going love affair between Cersi and Jamie Lannister and then to the epic Battle of the Bastards between our beloved John Snow and Ramsey Bolton. But, season 6 probably had in stall the best story lines in Game of Throne’s history because we are left hook line and sinker come the end of the season.

But first, lets recap on what happened…

So lets just quickly take a recap back to the end of season 5 when the mother of all questions went unanswered for a whole painful year. That question was indeed ‘IS JOHN SNOW DEAD OR ALIVE?!’. For many, John is a favorite character and rightly so. He is heroic and humble, he is handsome and he is the rightful heir to the seven kingdoms (of which we have indefinite proof from season 6). So, this painstaking question paved the way for writers of Game of Thrones to truly have an epic entrance into season 6 and that they did. John Snow was brought back to life by the magic of The ‘Red Woman’ Melisandre and her ‘god of fire’ and the world was happy again.



Well, I suppose that’s a big statement to make when were talking about Game of Thrones. As a result of his attempted murder John executes the folk’s responsible: Mr Alliser Thorne,  Olly (sadly) and the other officers involved in his stabbings.  He renounces his oath as leader of the Night’s Watch and puts Edd in charge.

But meanwhile, in the Seven Kingdom’s (at the beginning of season 6) Jamie Lannister returns to Westeros and to Cerci with the corpse of their second love child Myrcella who was murdered in cold blood by the vengeful Sandsnakes in Dorne. This sparks an unholy amount of expected anguish between the two high borns and Jamie ”promises Cersei they will take their revenge”.

In Mareen: Daenerys is still missing! She was taken by the Dothraki to Khal Moro where her fate was to be decided.

But like any Queen and heroine, Daenerys has people who love her and pray for her safe return. In this case it is Jorah and Daario who successfully locate the Mother of Dragons. But she has already discovered a way out which results in possibly one of the greatest TV murders of all time when she sets the temple on fire, murdering Khal Moro and his clan of Dolthraki (this Queen sure loves fire!).

Definitely one of the most beautiful moments in Game of Thrones history, has to be the reunion of John Snow and Sansa Stark in Episode 4, ‘Book of the Stranger’. The brother and sister had been separated since season 1, when she was shipped off to marry the little s*** monster that was Geoffrey Lannister. The pair are reunited at Castle Black which definitely prompted a river of tears for viewers at home. They then power together as Starks do and go on a quest to gather support from other houses in the North in order to regain the reins of the North together.

While speaking of Starks, Arya trains with the Waif in order to become a ‘girl with no name‘. Which at the end of the season leads to her ticking one of the people of her list to kill; Walder Frey. Bran is delves into his Warfing skills and discovers that the dreaded White Walkers were created by the children of the Forest to protect themselves from the First Men. Bran also revisits his father, Ned as a young soldier which unveils an awful lot of information regarding Ned as a youngster and about John Snow’s true origins.

For nearly 6 seasons now we have been promised a lot of things. 1) Winter will come 2) Cerci would take the iron throne once and for all and 3) Daenerys would travel across the wide sea with her dragons and conquer the whole of Westeros.

Well, THIS HAS ALL FINALLY HAPPENED AND WILL UNRAVEL IN SEASON 7! The final episode of season 6 saw some of the best cinematography ever seen on television where in which Danny is traveling across the wide sea with the Greyjoy siblings, ships, both a Dolthraki AND Unsullied armies, her three dragons and a strong determination to conquer, kill and capture the city of Westeros!


So, as we wait extremely patiently for the next season- which is released in April 2017- ask yourself: whose side are you on?

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