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Analysis of Channel 4 News production roles

Back in 1982 when Channel 4 first aired, it sought to be an innovative self-funded channel that promised to ”foster the new and experimental in television” (Channel 4’s statement of promises, para. 2). Some 34 years later it still holds this value true and presents shows to its audiences that are profoundly diverse and- can be -rather abstract. As well as an amplitude of shows that ”reflect the complexity of Britain back to itself” (Channel 4’s statement of promises, para. 8), their daily news bulletins have a profound reputation throughout UK broadcasting which is made evident by their viewing figures nearly reaching those of the BBC and ITV. This perhaps could be a due to their unique presentational style and selective news agenda.


The ways in which UK news programs differ from each other lies with two fundamental components; their news agenda and their presentational styles. When watching Channel 4 News it is evident that they not afraid to break the restraints of traditional methods of reporting. Their presentational style is noticeably more flamboyant, particularly within their usage of GFX in their shows.  A particularly notable example of this was their inclusion of text on screen during a package about the recent developments in Syria. Text on screen was used in one of their ‘Inside Aleppo’ reports that featured a text message conversation between two Syrian civilians. The way in which Channel 4 used a text message format as a unique angle of narrative convention, enables a more technologically savvy audience to instantly be able to relate and engage- as a text message conversation is something we all associate ourselves with on a daily basis, in our ever-growing technological age. Therefore, it is evident that Channel 4 used this method as a form of engagement and how they demonstrate their ”reputation for risk and non-conformism to engage a younger generation in the values of public service broadcasting.” (Channel 4’s statement of promises, para. 5). Features like this one, would not commonly be seen when watching a BBC news report. The BBC tend to stick with more traditional text on screen presentation such as bulleted words accompanied by VOs.

Channel 4 also breaks conventions of traditional news reporting by the way in which they structure their shows and their use of camera angles in the studio. The program will often begin with the presenter, stood, reading the headline of the top story, then the introduction credits will feature images regarding the top story to elaborate. This style is unconventional but gives more gravitas to the leading story. Whereas the BBC tend to not include as many images or ULAYs into their opening credits because of their well-established status.

Furthermore, some camera frames used by Channel 4 are notably more daring. A leading example of this is where a low mid shot is used with Jon Snow in the foreground but with Cathy Newman also in shot, over Snow’s shoulder but out of focus. Snow delivers a headline anJon_Snow_2011_Crop.jpgd then hands over to Cathy who elaborates further on the story- as the camera swoops past Jon and captures Cathy in full focus. This use of unique camera transition is captivating and really rather innovative. As mentioned in their codes of promises: ”we are there to offer a benchmark of quality and innovation, providing competition to commercial and public sector broadcasters alike” (Chanel 4’s statement of promises, para. 4).

What makes a news program unique to their own is not only its presentational style, but their news agenda and the way in which they selectively order news stories. It is an element that molds a news program into what it represents and navigates the appropriate viewing audience. The Channel 4 news generally tend to select humanitarian crisis’s, war and political reforms as their leading stories. In particular, the recent war in the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo was widely covered by all major news networks but Channel 4 have their own section of the show- that will run for a lengthy amount of the shows air time- called ‘Inside Aleppo’. The style in which they present the war stricken Aleppo – via the use of ULAYs and SOTs with diegetic sounds of shell bombs and sniper fire etc, emotional interviews with civilians affected by the 4-year war and images of the catastrophe stricken buildings- delivers such poignancy and raw, hard- hitting emotion that simply can not be overlooked any longer.

The development in Aleppo -where in which the entire city was claimed back from rebel forces by their government- was covered by the BBC but featured as their 5th story in their report, as opposed to Channel 4 featuring it as their leading story. They tend to focus their leading stories around issues that they feel need to be urgently addressed and elaborate how it will affect you, the viewer at home.


Beat a Frog at The Frog and Bucket

The city of Manchester is renowned throughout the world of comedy as being a gateway into the industry for aspiring comedians. It is also renowned for being home to some of the greatest comedy clubs in the country, that have helped mould some of the industries finest comics into what they are today. Stars such as Peter Kay and Jason Manford originated from Manchester and once traipsed the city’s comedy circuit.

Nowadays, Manchester is bursting with comedy clubs. But in particular, there are two that shine brighter than the rest. These being: the Comedy Store in Deansgate Locks and The Frog and Bucket in the Northern Quarter.


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Salford University’s very own student news channel celebrates its 5th birthday!

Quays News is a portal for which Salford University students can channel their inner TV production persona and practice their skills ready for the big wide world of media. It is an entirely student led news programme that airs every Tuesday afternoon, featuring news stories from the local area of Salford and Greater Manchester. Students at the University are encouraged to have a whack at creating entire news packages from scratch to feature as content on the show. They are also given the opportunity to try their hand as producers, camera operators and presenters.

Every week, Quays News displays a plethora of talented individuals’ works who particularly want to make a career in the world of journalism and beyond. It is a fantastic platform for students to practice and develop skills in an industry standard setting.

Students working on Quays News. Usage rights granted by Emily Murray- Quays intern

Furthermore, after every show has aired- jam packed with news stories, film or gig reviews, weather and sports reports and more- students are offered critique from personnel from within the industry, just as a an official news broadcasting programme would operate. UOS students really are offered the full package! Continue reading “Salford University’s very own student news channel celebrates its 5th birthday!”

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Manchester at Christmas time

It is now that time of year once again. Yes, it’s Christmas. So, one of the most important things you need to decide is not what present you’re going to buy your nephew, not where you’re going to buy the free range turkey from but in fact, which Christmas markets you’re going to spend your run up to Christmas at! Perhaps the Birmingham German markets? Or would you prefer to be indulging in Manchester’s finest markets that offer an amplitude of delicious treats, mulled wine and all the marshmallow hot chocolates you can shake a stick at.

But which fantastic market will you attend? Below is an interactive map featuring some of the stands that Manchester has to offer this festive season. Load it up when you’re out and about to guide you round the beautifully festive Manchester Markets this year.



New playground project hopes to bring life back to Landsmere


Residents of the deprived area of Landsmere in Stowshire have put together a 6-year fundraiser in order to raise money to build a spanking new park that hopes to renovate the area.

Landsmere is renowned for being riddled with vandals, houses that haven’t seen a lick of paint or renovation since the 1950’s and has an avid reputation for anti-social behavior but the new park and community area hopes to introduce a new lease of life.

Plans for the new park and communal facility went underway lastgarden-823396_960_720 week and will cost approx £50,00 to complete. The park will consist of a brand new play equipment, a sandpit and skateboarding and scooter area. Local authorities such as the Bradfield Council and Community Chest have so far donated £25,000 between them so the remaining funds are yet to be gathered by the community.


Media City prepares for Phase 2

MediaCity UK prepares for an £2 billion expansion that will renovate, excite and will introduce a new wave of clientele.

MediaCity has often been described as a [buzzing] hub for all things media, shopping and culture. And the ‘Phase 2’ renovation promises to expand these themes with brands such as Harvey Nichols, Sky News, Buzz Feed and Selfridges in the line up. So far, MediaCity has pumped a whopping £277 million into the local community with hopes to nearly double these figures with 10 new buildings.

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It’s a Game of Thrones: Season 6 kind of day

Continue for a breakdown of the epic season 6- WARNING! MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD

Ah, Game of Thrones. Probably one of the world’s most talked about and biggest TV series of the past few years. So now, as were coming to the end of this year, it just feels right to have a discussion about 2016’s helping of the epic fantasy prophecy. Whether you’re a raging Lannister or Stark fan girl, or you’ve never heard of Game of Thrones before (if so, how?!), by the end of this article you will have an insider knowledge into season 6’s shenanigans and all their epic glory.

Game of Thrones is renowned for having some of the most biting- and a majority of the time soul crushing- story lines ever written. Like for example: the heart wrenching execution of Ned Stark in season 1, to the fall of the little s*** King Geoffrey, to the seeded on-going love affair between Cersi and Jamie Lannister and then to the epic Battle of the Bastards between our beloved John Snow and Ramsey Bolton. But, season 6 probably had in stall the best story lines in Game of Throne’s history because we are left hook line and sinker come the end of the season.

But first, lets recap on what happened…

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